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Mentoring workshop

Even if you have had management training, you may struggle to get the very best from your team, especially if they are highly technical or senior professionals. Are you interested in challenging and helping someone to reach further? Are you willing to share your personal knowledge and experiences? Can you keep matters confidential? Are you…

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Collaboration workshop

During times of change, the ability of a team to collaborate and apply critical thinking effectively will make a big difference between average and good team performance. Ozonegames is a face-to-face business game played by 1-5 teams competing in a life or death scenario. Each team has to acquire limited resources with varying availability over…

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Communication skills workshop

Good communication skills are a key element of business today. To do this, you need to engage well with your colleagues, team, customers and stakeholders to get your message across. Indeed, this is essential whether this is proposals, plans, budgets, recovery actions, self-defence or purely dissemination of information. Moreover, if you communicate well then you…

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